Due to this unforseen situation caused by Coronavirus and how it is impacting small businesses globally, we have decided to temporarirly reduce the price of our services. If you sign up at these discounted prices, then you will pay the same discounted prices for future renewals as well. This is just a small step from us to help business owners.

About Us

We are Current. We are knowledgeable.
We are passionate. And we are fun to work with.

We are a team of professionals equipped with right knowledge, latest tools, and a lot of passion, to make your websites work for you. You manage your business, while we manage your website.

WeManageWebsite.com has been set up by a team with more than 3 decades of IT experience. Our founder Ishan has experience of working with Fortune 500 companies and he got a chance to see how they are able to keep their website up-to-date with their army of developers.

However, small businesses can’t afford that luxury. As a result, their websites are not updated for a long time and end up having outdated information. Most of the time, the websites of small businesses do not have up-to-date information about their service, location, office hours, or any special offers that are going on. As a result, the websites end up losing customers.

Not only the information on the website, even the under-the-hood tech of the website is not updated. Most of the websites today are made on WordPress, which had almost 1 release every month last year, with a lot of them being security releases. However, most small businesses do not know how to apply those updates, resulting in having an unsecured website, that is an easy target for hackers. Same is the story with the plugins.

And the last aspect of this puzzle is the hosting itself. Most of such websites are on a shared hosting, which really is not a good fit for most of the businesses.

If small businesses try to solve all these problems at their own end, they would have to hire some freelance developers, that would cost hundreds of dollars each month. This is out of the budget for most of the small businesses.

So, to provide a solution to all these problems and still keep the cost affordable for all, we decided to setup a dedicated website management service for small businesses and this gave birth to “We Manage Website”.

Since our beginning, our goal has been that business owners should be able to completely outsource their website to us and we should manage all the aspects of the website, so that the small businesses can focus on their business.

So, WeManageWebsite takes care of all these aspects of website management:

  • Any updates to the website (text / image / change or add a section / add new information, etc.).
  • Updates to underlying technology (WordPress updates / Plugin updates / PHP updates)
  • Hosting on VPS servers
  • Website Security
  • Website Backups
  • Website SSL

Not only do we provide all these services, but we make it extremely easy for business owners to get any of the above work done. Just drop us an email and the change will be done; as simple as that. Also, for most of the changes above, business owners don’t even need to ask; WeManageWebsite team automatically takes care of hosting / backups / underlying tech upgrades.

And all this is provided at an extremely affordable fixed monthly cost so that the business owners really don’t have to worry about high costs.

To accomplish these goals, we have a team of WordPress professionals with experience of working with hundreds of WordPress websites. In addition to that, we use the latest cutting-edge tools to take care of important things like website backups, server monitoring and website security. Finally, we use the infrastructure of the best companies (servers are from Amazon AWS or similar) to ensure that we have a very solid foundation. All this results in an ecosystem that is specifically tuned for a singular purpose: WordPress Website Management.

Go ahead and sign up with WeManageWebsite and see what can an up-to-date website do for your business.

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